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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please contact us below and we will be happy to answer you

How can I change or cancel my booking?

Please log in to the platform you booked the experience through to make any changes or ammendments before the 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to change your booking within 24 hours of departure date, please contact us immediately and we will support you as best we can.

What if the weather is bad?

We only travel when we have been advised by the port authorities that it is safe weather conditions to go. However, the weather does change often in the Dodecanese Islands, especially the wind. It may be necessary to change the programme or need to reschedule at short notice for your safety. You will be contacted by our team with as much notice as possible in order to reschedule or refund your booking if needed. If we are already travelling, the crew will update you. 

I have food allergies, what do I do about lunch?

Please inform us after booking if you have any food allergies we need to be aware of and we will do our best to ensure that these requirements will be met. Our lunch menu options are varied and available in your confirmation email.

I am not a confident swimmer, can I still book a trip?

Yes, are experiences have much more to offer than just swimming  - you can rest and relax at a beach bart on the island of Pserimos or walk around the small village to the church. In the island of Kalymnos, there are sponge factories to vist or why not take the mini train on a tour of the capital Pothia. Our third island is a swim stop at Plati but why not take in the views of the beautiful lagoon or top-up your tan on one of our comfortable sun beds? Please ensure that if you decide to swim that you have brought any necessary swimming aids with you, this includes for any children in your party

Can I jump from the boat?

For the thrill-seekers, it is possible to jump from our boat into the cooling waters of the sea during our trips, however, you will be advised by the crew when and where this is possible. It is important for your safety and those on-board that you  follow their direction.

I have mobility/medical needs, are your trips suitable?

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your personal needs, please contact us and we will advise you. Our ramps on/off the boat are disability friendly however these trips are not recommended for those who are permanently wheelchair bound due to the lack of facilities on-board and at some of our destinations. The crew are able to assist with loading strollers and equipment when required.

Do you accept debit/credit cards on-board?

Unfortunately due to the programme and being in open sea throughout our experiences there is not a stable internet connection for us to process card payments. Please bring cash with you for the bar and any other items you may wish to purchase. There are cashpoints in Kos Harbour and also on the island of Kalymnos but not Pserimos or Plati.

Can I hire the whole boat privately during the day?

Please contact us for your request and any bespoke ideas you would like to discuss for private hire outside our evening availabilities.

Can I just stay on one of the islands for the day if I like it?

Each trip we are required to provide details to the port authorities of our passenger numbers and as such you will be given a boarding card as part of your experience. This is to ensure that we do not leave you behind and also for your safety! If you find that you like one of the islands and wish to stay there longer, please ask a member of the team and they will advise you on how to travel there another day.

Where to find us in Kos Harbour:

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At the harbour of Kos (Akit Kountouriotou 19, Kos 853 00)

Tel: +30 694 5792563

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